The project is a continuation of the EUExcert projects

ESSEEM stands for European Shotfirer Standard Education for Enhanced Mobility. The aim with the project is to harmonise and enhance the education and training of shotfirers in Europe. The project will lead to an overall better safety in connection with blasting works and improved mobility of labour force and staff.

The project concerns harmonised European Technical Training and Education. It will cover the adopted training requirements for construction and demolition utilising energetic materials. The requirements are given in the “European Shotfirer Requirements” valid for rock blasting and demolition respectively. The competence requirement for the European shotfirer fits the education level 4.


WP 13 Harmonisation and dissemination

This work package concerns harmonising of the work and dissemination. The work will include the organisation of four project meetings and two conferences/seminars. The conferences/seminars will take place in connection with meeting two and four. They will be held in central of Europe i.e. Germany and the Czech Republic.

The first seminar was held in Troisdorf, Germany in December 2009. To the seminar a limited number of persons were invited. They represented authorities, education providers, companies, societies and other persons in relevant positions.

Some of the participants at the seminar in Troisdorf

The second seminar was held in Dresden on the 24th of September 2010. At this seminar the outcomes of the ESSEEM project was presented.

The conference program:

09:00 Welcome and introduction of the moderator Aslak Ravlo NFF Prosjekt
  Conference Information by the Moderator Erik Nilsson KCEM
  Introduction of the ESSEEM project Aslak Ravlo NFF Prosjekt
09:30 WP.01 Geology and Minerals Juan Carlos Gois LEDAP, Univ Coimbra
10:00 WP.06 Blasting Theory Milos Ferjencik IEM, Univ. Pardubice
10:30 WP.10 Safety Jörg Rennert Dresdner Sprengschule
11:30 WP.04 Explosives, their main characteristics Juan Carlos Gois LEDAP, Univ Coimbra
12:00 WP.05 Initiation systems Frank Hammelmann Orica Mining Services
12:30 WP.08 Bench Blasting Jörg Rennert Dresdner Sprengschule
14:00 WP.03 Construction materials / demolition Walter Werner Werner Sprengtechnik
14:30 WP.08 Blasting underground / tunneling Jörg Rennert Dresdner Sprengschule
15:00 WP.09 Cautious blasting Karl Kure Kure Fjellsprengningstekn.
16:00 WP.02 Drilling methods / commonly u.machinery Jouko Salonen Sandvik
16:30 WP.11 Commercial aspects António Vieira ISEP
17:00 Winding-up, thanks to participants, lecturers and organizer   NFF Prosjekt

The lectures were organized as 20 minutes ppt-presentations with time allowed for questions/discussions. Suggestions and questions were also discussed by the partners during their meeting on the following day. 31 persons from 10 European participated.


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