The project is a continuation of the EUExcert projects

ESSEEM stands for European Shotfirer Standard Education for Enhanced Mobility. The aim with the project is to harmonise and enhance the education and training of shotfirers in Europe. The project will lead to an overall better safety in connection with blasting works and improved mobility of labour force and staff.

The project concerns harmonised European Technical Training and Education. It will cover the adopted training requirements for construction and demolition utilising energetic materials. The requirements are given in the “European Shotfirer Requirements” valid for rock blasting and demolition respectively. The competence requirement for the European shotfirer fits the education level 4.


Work packages

The project includes 13 Work Packages, each partner to cover one or two packages. In summary the work packages cover:

  1. Geology in general (valid for Rock blasting); Minerals and composition of rock materials; Rock properties and their influence on drilling; Rock properties and their influence on blastability
  2. Drilling methods and commonly used machinery. Tools, drilling rig, drill bits, accurate drilling of the pattern
  3. Construction materials in general (valid for Demolition). Breakage, fragmentation and direction of the throw
  4. Explosives and main characteristics (Rock blasting and Demolition)
  5. Initiation systems, different detonators and their characteristics
  6. Blasting theory
  7. Introduction to structural design (Demolition)
  8. Suitable explosives and detonating systems for bench blasting (Rock blasting)
  9. Blasting close to existing structures (Rock blasting)
  10. Safety aspects (Rock blasting and Demolition)
  11. Commercial aspects Cost estimation (Rock blasting and Demolition)
  12. The managing of the ESSEEM project
  13. Harmonising of the work and the dissemination plan